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The genuine container bags have such characteristics!

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2018/12/04 09:43
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No matter who they are, they don't want to buy fake and shoddy products. Everyone wants to use genuine container bags. But if we ourselves lack some skills to identify the characteristics of quality products, then it is very likely that this inferior product will fall to us, and we will become a great pit. So, do you know the characteristics and characteristics of genuine pe woven fabrics? Container bag

Feature 1: Long service life, high-quality container bags can be used for up to 10 years, and inferior products can not be used for half of the date. Then, in the case of such inferior products, you only have one. The cry is divided.

Feature 2: The price is very high. This feature is generally the commonality of all the genuine container bags. Generally speaking, the price between them may vary from 2,000 yuan, and the price of high-quality products is generally 14,000 yuan. about.

Feature 3: Characteristics, after special professional tool measurement test, it has good performance in sun protection, anti-aging, waterproof, snow proof and UV resistance.